I would like to introduce you to a short story written by yours truly, The Fairlady. It is a supernatural thriller based on true incidences in Singapore in the 1980s and 1990s.

It is a story of a Thai woman by the name of Apinya who defied nature by staying…

I will walk you through each chapter of my life until the moment that I realised that I am now adulting.


My childhood was mixed. We weren’t too well-to-do, a lower-middle-class family at that time. My paternal grandmother had contracted cancer as well. Despite our financial status, my father…

If you read my series on the three important persons that I met before I met my wife, then you were one of the lucky ones. I have deleted them since to consolidate all the romantic relationships I have had and what I have learnt from them.

I had my…

Do you remember the first time you had a crush on someone? When you had your puppy love? The innocence of love without anything sexual attached to it. No sexual expectations, no sexual demands, no sex, no lust. Just pure innocent love.

The first time I had a crush on…

Eric Lee

I will be writing on everything on life based on personal experiences.

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